Aldora Britain Records Issue 26

Seven League Boots
The Cherry Bluestorms deliver a blinding technicolour trip into the world of Los Angeles psychedelia on their long player, Whirligig!

A swirling raga-tinted rock and roll rendition of The Beatles’ ‘She Said She Said’ storms in to introduce the record. An exemplary way to launch such a record and a glorious retake of a classic that comes across with great ease, showing the class of The Cherry Bluestorms. A glamorously driving ode to Wizard’s frontman follows in the form of ‘Roy Wood’. This is a solidified highlight of the record and drips with pop sensibility whilst retaining a rock and roll swagger, attitude and energy.

‘Heel to Toe’, ‘Sleep’ and ‘Rays of Sun’ provide further forays into the colourful world of Californian retro-hinting contemporary psychedelia. ‘Seven League Boots’, the single, is a track that needs extensive discussion. It demonstrates the skill in this band’s songcraft and arrangement. Its orchestral flourishes shine through and accentuate a vocal performance that is draped in elegance and beauty. Once again, the pop sensibility comes to the fore and it honestly sounds like it could be a long lost gem from the vast array of talent that tackled the record industry in the 60s.

‘Purple Heart Magic’ is an adrenaline-fuelled rocker, ‘Brighter Days’ sees the acoustic guitar being adorned for an optimistic venture, and ‘Out’ sees heavier explorations than elsewhere on the record, complete with Hammond additions. ‘Caroline’ is a lovingly crafted tribute to the track’s eponymous character, a song that has beauty and sunshine pouring out of it. The record comes to its conclusion with further psychedelic ventures in the forms of ‘Each Mortal Day’ and the closing number, ‘Be Here Now’.

A fantastic record in conclusion. It has flairs of retroism and a vintage sensibility whilst retaining a forward-thinking and individualistic outlook.

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