A 13 track song cycle chronicling “Penny’s” journey South to find herself, via the 1960’s British Rock influences that inform the band’s music.

Bad Penny Opera begins at the end and ends at the beginning.  Bad Penny herself has just ended a love affair with bittersweet tears.  By your leave, she resolves to revolve and sets out on a journey  to London, where it’s said the streets are paved with gold.  A  better  place indeed.

As she travels on a Sunday, driving south down the Northern roads, she sadly reflects that a true heart wears a thorny crown.   How true!  Along her way she meets a country man, who offers a parochial view of the world.   Soon after, she meets a metaphysician who admonishes her to see not only the world as it is, but the world unseen as well.  As above, so below, the first law of magic!  Bad Penny sees that beneath its polite façade, the world is going mad.  Ironically, nowhere is this more apparent than at journey’s end!  She finally arrives in London, and is crossing London Bridge when she is surprised to see her old lover below.  As she looks across the Thames, she hears his voice in her head.  It says, “You think to love you is a crime”.  Bad Penny takes the message to heart and learns that she must give love to herself before others will do likewise.  She resolves to revolve and starts again…

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