BAD – Interview with Winston

W:       We have come to the end of Bad Penny Opera with the song Bad and the last of our Bad Penny Opera song interviews with Cherry Bluestorm Glen Laughlin. As you told us when we discussed the first track, Bad Penny Overture, Bad is almost the same song, but with lyrics.

GL:       Yes, the lyrics are rather sardonic. The both underscore the cyclical nature once again, landing Penny right back where she started “again” and preventing the story from being too Pollyanna-ish. It is too much to think that intellectual realization is enough to prevent one from all human pitfalls from then on. The struggle continues, but there is a glory in the struggle and I thought that was particularly interesting when you had The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who and the rest blazing the way in the 1960s.

W:       No doubt! Thank you for sharing your work with us and for your time. It was pleasure.

GL:       The pleasure was all mine.


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