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The Cherry Bluestorms: See no Evil / Dear Prudence Limited edition debut vinyl release

The Cherry Bluestorms (TCB) are a US band whose inspired sound is unashamedly borne of the brilliance of our very own bygone 60’s Britpop era; the fact that the greater recognition they deserve remains predominantly unrealized is a real injustice to the band, their regal song writing and yes, their already prestigious past in the world of popular music.

Okay, they’ve only a handful of releases to relish, but by working with the likes of legends such as Devo, The Dickies and more, it’s surely time we asked if their everyday “household name” status may’ve been tragically undermined by plain old blameless geography… a fair point perhaps if you discount happenings such as Bowie seducing Iggy.

For anyone fondly familiar with Russ Meyer’s movie ‘Beyond the Valley of the Dolls’, the sound and style of featured bands Strawberry Alarm Clock or The Carrie Nations will surely resurface upon hearing this single; ‘See no Evil’ empowers an incredible, somewhat flamboyant ethos, as TCB go about their business like a freeze-frame flashback to that glorious ‘60s blur.

Further evidence of this is the serenity of the psychedelic spin that enshrouds ‘Dear Prudence’, but unlike its more upbeat predecessor, this cover version easily provides dialogue for any dreamer’s delight, in a way that Siouxsie & the Banshees maybe never did… but is it enough to incur widespread coverage that isn’t stuck neck-deep stateside?

Those of you who are suitably seduced should head to Bewdley, Liverpool or Manchester in May 2017, where TCB will be playing live.


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