It’s been awhile since I posted about the Bluestorms. I must admit, I was beginning to sound like a broken record when talking about progress on Bad Penny Opera. Well, at the risk of …, I am happy to report that significant progress has been made. All of the instrumental tracks and most of the lead vocals have been completed. Some lead and backing vocals are still to be completed, but the album is nearly done. In addition to BPO, the band has been working on bonus tracks, including two new songs and an acoustic version of “Fear of Gravity”. More on that later. Meanwhile, there is other news:

The Cherry Bluestorms happily announce that drummer Mark Francis White has joined, ending a prolonged period with no permanent drummer. Mark’s first gig with the band will be February 18 at “Eleven” in San Diego for Int’l Pop Overthrow. Mark and Glen previously performed together in The Furys, who recently reformed with a new line-up including Mark, original singer Jeff Wolfe and Glen, who is moving from bass to guitar. Plans are in the works for full band and Deborah/Glen duo performances in England in May 2012.

Those who prefer their Bluestorms served up visually will be happy to know that plans are afoot for videos for BPO tracks “Sunday Driving South” and “A True Heart Wears A Thorny Crown”.

In addition to all of the activity mentioned above, I am aware that preparations are going forward for still more recording projects. All in all, 2012 is looking to be a very productive year for The Cherry Bluestorms!


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