We love playing music.  But sometimes in the bustle of moving a mountain of gear and in the throes of pre-show nerves, trepidation replaces anticipation.  Having never played the Farmers’ Market before and having seen only “cover” bands at that venue, we were concerned about the reception we would get playing nearly all original songs.  As it turned out, we had not only a splendidly spirited and appreciative audience, but a lovely live sound engineer in Richard Edwards.  Our fears were unfounded and our joy in playing unbounded.  So, thanks to everyone who came for reminding us why we were there.  We hope this spring is blooming for you as well and we look forward to playing for you through the coming months.  By the way, the best line of the night overheard in the audience:  “I love original music.  I don’t want covers… I’m not cold”!

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