Dear Bluestormers, Friends, Acquaintances and Well-Wishers:

Once again too much time has passed between the last missive and this.  Fortunately, there won’t be yet much more time between the minting of new Cherry Bluestorms music and the listening to it by your estimable selves.  Yes, we are speaking of the long-delayed Bad Penny Opera, but also of an alternate version of Fear of Gravity that will soon be available as a free download.  Those of you who saw any of Deborah and Glen’s many performances at Life on Wilshire may remember violinist extraordinaire Benedikt Brydern.  Benedikt was kind enough to lend his considerable talents to the project.  Also in attendance was tabla player Ron Wagner ofthe Cirque du Soleil troupe.

Meanwhile, plans are afoot for May shows in Liverpool, London, Southampton and possibly Oxford.  We are fortunate to be sharing bills with Scotland’s Eskimo Blonde and Oxford’s The Anydays, amongst others.  We also expect to have a chat, a laugh, a sup and a warble or two with Is This Thing On? Podcast host Nick Tann.

I am also happy to direct your attention to where you will find an interesting and informative interview with The Cherry Bluestorms’ Glen Laughlin, conducted by Ant Standring.

Lastly, please note that there is a PayPal button on the website  Feel free to pre-order your copy of Bad Penny Opera.  A free download of the alternate Fear of Gravity will also be yours for no additional charge!  You may also get the free download for simply signing on to The Cherry Bluestorms email list.  We’re in the process of changing servers, so hold on to your addresses and we’ll soon be giving you an update.

‘til next time I remain yours truly,


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