Stephen Schnee

Though they’ve been lumped in with Power Pop and Psychedelic Pop bands, The Cherry Bluestorms are definitely much more than those descriptions imply. Led by vocalist Deborah Gee and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Glen Laughlin (The Dickies), The Cherry Bluestorms also add Folk, Sunshine Pop, Country, and jangly Pop into the mix. Their sound is warm and rich, filled with musical twists and turns that make this concept album both riveting and satisfying. Deborah and Glen’s voices blend wonderfully well throughout this aural adventure that seems to possess endless musical possibilities. It is safe to say that The Cherry Bluestorms play Pop, but their canvas is much too broad to file them under any specific subgenre so I’ll leave that to the listener. There are definitely plenty of high points here, but “Sunday Driving South” is one of my most listened to songs of the year (and I usually play it more than once per sitting). So, if you like female/male vocals, melodies that float and a band forging their own sound release by release, then The Cherry Bluestorms’s Bad Penny Opera just may tickle that fancy of yours!

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