Minty And The Beeb

The Cherry Bluestorms are back, this time with a helping of Psych/Blues for our listening pleasure. This new track may not be too far removed from The Zombies, but nonetheless they still manage to retain their own originality as always. Who else could have managed to slip “Symphonie Fantastique” into their lyrics?

This is mostly down to the wistful voice of Deborah Gee, although the engaging keyboards on “See No Evil” point to a slight change of direction that works perfectly for them. Great harmonies, and Glen’s guitar work make this track possibly their finest yet.

Glen takes lead vocals on the Cherry Bluestorms version of the Beatles, “Dear Prudence,” with Deborah supplying the perfect accompaniment most of the way through. It’s not the first Beatles song they’ve covered, and this is one we’re looking forward to hearing live too.

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