The Cherry Bluestorms – “Bad Penny Opera” 2013


January 24, 2014

Never boring and often surprising in it’s melodic twists and lyrical turns … I’ll file The Cherry Bluestorms’ 2013 release “Bad Penny Opera” under “Psychedelic-rock with Prog-folk underpinnings”. Musically, the compositions evoke the finely honed psychedelic-rock of the late 60s with a modern pop sensibility – and while Deborah Gee and Glen Laughlin’s vocal stylings are unique and memorable in their own right, when combined on tracks like “By Your Leave” a higher folk-tinged cosmically-pop harmonic level is attained – and that’s mighty sweet to my ears!  Well worth putting on “repeat” and letting it play over and over, “Bad Penny Opera” is a nugget of newly minted psychedelic-folk/rock gold and that’s my two cents worth.

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