The Cherry Bluestorms deliver modernized 60′s vibe with their Bad Penny Opera Album
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I have really been enjoying the great work by The Cherry Bluestorms on their latest album, Bad Penny Opera. This concept album which tells the tale of a young girl embarking on a journey to find one’s self and start anew as she leaves behind her home set in 60′s Britain. The album brings to life their psychedelic 60′s inspired rock pop to life with vocal harmonies that feed your soul and an infectious pop rock edge. You can’t help but fall in love with the mod vibe wrapped in an uptempo rock folk tone. One thing is for sure, it is an album filled with upbeat songs that are perfect for becoming the playlist of your life.

A very prominent Brit pop style shines through and you might even think you are listening to a lost Beatles album or on occasion The Small Faces as well as with a Bowie-esque edge. Their psychedelic pop and heavy guitar based melodies captivate you as you get enmeshed into the story of this young girl with big dreams in her eyes. The album sets the tone with the heavy groove of Bad Penny Overture as you prepare for the unknown in the journey ahead. By Your Leave has you contemplating that fork in the road and decisions to be made as you harness the courage to set out on your own path. A Better Place picks up the pace and the vocals of Deborah Gee are passionate and truly mesmerizing as you are greeted by the splendor of the horns. It really is one of my personal favorites on the album. A True Heart Wears a Thorny Crown flows like a flirtatious skirt in the wind and once again you are captivated by Glen Laughlin’s vocals.
Sunday Driving South is a lyrical treasure and Deborah’s vocal emit so much emotion, almost reminds me of one of my favorite singers from the past, Karen Carpenter. There is something about Deborah’s vocals where she can transition from passionate to vulnerable and you feel it completely through her tone and delivery. The Country Man has a 60′s freestyle folk song vibe to it and is one of the catchiest tunes on the album, once again the lyrics are superb, a very fun track.
World Gone Mad is one of those songs where you can really feel the 60′s British vibe, maybe a lost Beatles track?? I love the guitars in it as it fuels the psychedelic style. London Bridge has a raw vulnerable edge to it and has this great carnival style spell, very creative work.
What I truly appreciate, is the excellent songwriting which emulates the emotions of the words through music with songs like A Better Place, The Country Man, To Love You is A Crime, andBad are supreme examples of that. Start Again has a twangy guitar intro that I love, then comes in the vocals which are emotionally stirring and touching. It is a very heartfelt tune that is definitely one of my favorites. The album ends with Bad and even though it brings a dark edge to the closing, it is sultry and infectious at the same time, possibly highlighting the good side of being bad! You will love this track!
I really hope you get a chance to pick up the album and listen to it from start to finish as it takes you on a musical journey with ups and downs, highs and lows, melodies, harmonies and tones which will soon be the backdrop to your own journey. I will see if I can bring you an interview with The Cherry Bluestorms. For physical CDs, you may purchase them on Amazon or at
For digital downloads you may purchase on iTunes, Amazon or CDBaby“.
~ Marisol

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