November 2017 News

Hello Bluestormers!

We are contacting you a little ahead of schedule for our monthly newsletter to not only wish you happy Halloween but also to update you on some health news of our beloved Glen Laughlin. For those of you who don’t know, he was admitted to the emergency room last Monday, October 23rd with a fever he had been battling up and down over the weekend. He was moved to ICU on that same day because he had been diagnosed with an infection in his blood known as “sepsis”. After being in ICU for one hour his fever shot up to 103 degrees and he wasn’t able to talk or barely breathe. The doctors had to act fast by sedating him and intubating him. He was kept asleep for two and a half days to try and control the bacterial infection, hooked up to several machines helping to keep him alive. Monday and Tuesday were touch and go. It was pretty scary. The bacterial infection was causing several other issues with his body. He remained in ICU for 5 days before being moved to a regular room where he still remains until his fever is completely gone. Deborah’s daughter has set up a fund through If you are moved to donate ANY amount it will help with the soon-to-come multitude of medical bills. Every little bit helps so there is no amount too small or too large. If you cannot donate, please hold good healing vibes in your heart and please share this information with anyone you think may be willing to offer financial support. We are grateful for those who have donated so far. The link can be found here.

On a separate note, our new single was available for early download through November 1st. Hear a sneak peek here, and stay tuned for news about the official release!

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