December 2016 News

The Cherry Bluestorms wish you and yours a fabulous holiday season and look forward to spending a smashing 2017 with you! A special greeting goes out to our friends and fans in England, as we are in the planning stages for one of our infrequent visits to the Ould Sod in May of next year. Preparatory to that, we are steadily working away on our next release, the album we are calling WHIRLIGIG! Efforts are already afoot to complete the cover and packaging and we are very excited indeed! …and in other news…

We were pleased to find out early in November that SEE NO EVIL B/W DEAR PRUDENCE has received another favorable review, this time from the UK-based blog I Do Hear A Single!
The Cherry Bluestorms are on the recent Big Stir Compilation that I was raving about on Facebook and will be reviewing in coming days. Hailing from Los Angeles, the three piece consist of ex Dickies Guitarist, Glen Laughlin, Deborah Gee and Mark Francis White.
See No Evil is great 60’s Power Pop with Gee on Vocals, her voice sounds like a cross between Grace Slick and Chrissie Hynde. Dear Prudence needs no introduction, but shows the variance between the male and female lead vocals in the band. Laughlin takes lead on that and it’s a great cover showing the band’s ease with Psych Pop and melody.
The band already have two excellent albums in their canon and you can buy both the single as a download or 7 Inch Single and their back catalogue.”

Amoeba Music in Hollywood sold out of our single SEE NO EVIL B/W DEAR PRUDENCE and wanted more copies! Thank you to everyone who has purchased it. As always, we appreciate your support! If you still haven’t purchased it, we encourage you to head on over to Amoeba, Freakbeat in Sherman Oaks, Vacation Vinyl in Silverlake, Tower District Records in Fresno, Record City in Las Vegas, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, our Bandcamp store or the merch page here and get yours! Remember: we are offering the single and our other merch at a 20% discount through December 25!

In addition to recording WHIRLIGIG!, Deborah and Glen are working on GEEOLOGY, the long-awaited follow-up to Deborah’s solo album, PORTAL. The album will feature performances from some of our longtime musical associates, including Michael Acosta, John Fumo, Darryl Tewes, Steve Giles, Marc Mylar and Ryan Brown. About half of the album is at the mixing stage. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Early Blueblog posts long thought lost for good, have been uncovered and placed in the Blog section for your edification and amusement! We think you will find them to be quite enjoyable, so we encourage you to take a moment to pull them up from the archives.

We Bluestorms are mindful that 2016 has been a trying year for many of us. Fears based on the differences and perceived differences between us have been highlighted, fueled and stoked to the discredit and disheartening of our collective society. Civility appears to be at an all time low. We earnestly hope that the new year brings positive change, even if it must be borne of the destruction and negativity that were the hallmarks of 2016. Let us maintain our political principles without sacrificing our human principles. In this holiday season and beyond, we wish kindness and civility to all.

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