January 2019 News

The end of one trip around the Sun and the beginning of another is a convenient and traditional time for reflection. It seems to me and at least one other person, that interest in “Power Pop” has been growing. Of course, exactly what it is that constitutes “Power Pop” is certainly a question. I think that the antecedents that are the dominating influences on the genre have been well identified. What is less often mentioned is the rather unfortunate tendency of current artists in the genre, perhaps moreso than in other genres, to rely on clichés and Pavlov’s bellringers rather than forge new territory as did the progenitors. Obviously, one runs the risk of losing or alienating one’s target audience. It is probably easier to do so than to educate them, particularly now with the predominant mindset that says that music is a disposable file. Nevertheless, if ambitions are muted to the degree that an artist is obligated to recycle their own clichés, to paraphrase Bill Nelson, or worse, to recycle others’ clichés, then art itself is mooted, not so say muted. So, while I am gratified to see interest in melodic, guitar-dominated Pop music grow, I fervently hope that we will see a concurrent interest in the artistic communities in aiming high with unflagging energy and courageous artistic ambition. – GL

2018 was the year of “Whirligig!”. An early taste of the record came in February with the release of the “Seven League Boots” music video. After a successful preview show on April Fool’s Day (our first ever “Live at Roundhouse Recording” event!), our long-awaited third album finally arrived on August 19 and was celebrated with a party that night at Skinny’s Lounge in North Hollywood. Video footage from the evening can be viewed on our YouTube channel. LA Weekly published a preview that we were quite proud of and positive reviews came in from outlets including the San Diego Troubadour, Shindig! Magazine, Liverpool Sound and Vision, Pure Pop Radio, and Gonzo Reviews. We chatted with DJs including Mike Lidskin at Twirl Radio and David Bowers of The David Bowers Awards. Closing out the year, we are pleased to find out that “Whirligig!” has made top of 2018 lists published by Woody Radio and Adam Waltemire of Pop Garden Radio! A great end to a banner year!

As some of you know, Roundhouse Recording, home of The Cherry Bluestorms and producer Glen Laughlin has relocated. We have joined forces with Jeb Lipson of Big Scary Tree Studio and now have two campuses!! The array of vintage and boutique gear is truly stunning! We have literally dozens of amps, guitars, mics, mic preamps, vintage keyboards and other gear. The Big Scary Tree location features an individualized headphone system that makes recording a pleasure. The Roundhouse location is perfect for preproduction, overdubs and mixing. For more information, please call us at 818-822-9611. We will be updating our Facebook page in the coming days.

FIRST GIG OF 2019!!!
Our first gig of the year is upon us! Catch us on Tuesday, January 8 at 10 PM closing the evening for the Tuesday Music Club at State Social House (8782 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood) with a stripped down set. The festivities kick off at 7:30 PM with music by Thee Holy Brothers, followed by Randell Kirsch & LuAnn Olson, Kate Copeland, Ada Pasternak, and Dani Hagan. This is a free, all ages show! We look forward to seeing you there!!

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