HAPPY 2017!

TOP 25 SONGS OF 2016
SEE NO EVIL placed #19 on Pop Garden Radio’s Top 25 Songs of 2016 list! Big thank you to DJ Adam Waltemire of Pop Garden Radio, broadcast on AM 1510 WMEL out of Cocoa Beach, Florida! Thank you also to everyone else who contributed to SEE NO EVIL’s success thus far—the DJs who have played it, the writers who have reviewed it, and, of course, the fans who have bought it and let us know that they love it! We appreciate you all!

We are thrilled to share that Toronto stores Rotate This and Kops Records (all three Toronto Kops locations) are now carrying SEE NO EVIL B/W DEAR PRUDENCE! They are the first brick and mortar stores outside of the U.S. to carry our vinyl single! So if you are in Toronto, or the Greater Toronto Area, head on over and get your copy now, eh?!

If you are not in Toronto and are looking to get a copy of SEE NO EVIL B/W DEAR PRUDENCE, Freakbeat Records in Sherman Oaks and Amoeba Music in Hollywood have recently replenished their stocks. Other stores carrying our vinyl are Vacation Vinyl in Silverlake, Tower District Records in Fresno, and Record City in Las Vegas. We love brick and mortar stores!

Thank you to Dog And Crow for the entertaining video review of SEE NO EVIL B/W DEAR PRUDENCE! Check it out on their YouTube channel. And by the way, don’t call Deborah “Debbie” unless you want to be walloped upside the head in her very Texas way. She may be L.A.’d but she still has her roots in Texas!

2017 is a year of new Cherry Bluestorms music and milestones. January 1 marked the one year anniversary of our AS ABOVE SO BELOW music video, June marks the 10th anniversary of our debut album, TRANSIT OF VENUS, and our new album WHIRLIGIG will be coming mid-year.

We hope you all had a great holiday season and we are anticipating many exciting eventualities in 2017! See you on the boards!

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