July 2019 News

Thanks for giving us your attention once again.  We are enjoying the fine early summer here in Southern California and hope we can share some metaphorical sunshine with you wherever you are.

Some of you will recognize that line from the lyrics of Sunday Driving South, written by Glen Laughlin, whose birthday also happens to be in June.  Here it is July 1, and we are marking the third anniversary of the release of See No Evil (b/w Dear Prudence), the first 7” vinyl single we have put out.  In celebration, we are offering a CD Baby 3rd Anniversary Sale for the month of July!  For this month only, get our record—which comes with a digital download card—for just $5.00 (regular price $8.00) and/or our CD titles for 10% off when purchased through CD Baby!

We were surprised and delighted to see our Spotify streams recently increase almost 1000%.  As many of you know, Spotify is one of the most prominent platforms for getting music out there, so we could not be more pleased to see our material gaining more traction in that area.  Thank you to anyone who has used that medium to give our songs a listen, and we appreciate you continuing to frequent our catalogue and adding The Cherry Bluestorms to your playlists!  Find us on Spotify here.

Ever wonder what goes down in the car on the way to our gigs?  On stop-overs on the road?  At our rehearsals?  We have a “Behind the Scenes” section on our YouTube page where you can get a little glimpse of just that!  Check out our latest clip, filmed en route to Art Around Adams in San Diego on June 1 (photos from which can be seen on our Facebook and Instagram pages), and stay tuned as we are always adding new content!  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notifications when we post.  While over on YouTube, be sure to check out this recently unearthed pre-TCB (2001) Deborah Gee TV appearance over on Deb’s channel!

Speaking of gigs, our next show is coming up on Sunday, August 4 at 3:30 PM at Skinny’s Lounge (4923 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood) for the annual IPO LA festival.  Thank you to David Bash for inviting us to take part for almost as many years as we have existed as a band!  This event is ages 21+, and $10 at the door.  We are excited to be sharing the stage with our friend Carla Olson, among many other talented acts.  Lineup is as follows:
2:00 Benjamin R
2:45 Anchor & Bear
3:30 The Cherry Bluestorms
4:15 The Ex Teens
5:00 The Galaxies
5:45 Carla Olson & Todd Wolfe
More info can be found on the festival’s Facebook event page.

Meanwhile, we are assiduously working on booking more shows.  We will be sure to keep you updated when they have been confirmed!

Okay, we admit that we have had some rather long intervals between releases.  Well, we have discarded the DMV model and we are aiming to dial back the wait times.  We hope to put some new material before you sometime this age, or millennium, decade, or perhaps even by year’s end!  Don’t hold us to it, but we can say that we have a wealth of material in the process of being recorded and we are pretty excited about readying it for your listening enjoyment!  On top of that, Deborah Gee’s long-awaited sophomore album is on the board now and should be released very soon.

We are truly thrilled to be taking this ride with you alongside!  We look forward to seeing you at the gigs, or hearing from you anytime!

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