We are a bit overdue with our monthly update, and no doubt you’re wondering what those wacky Bluestorms are up to. In Deborah and Glen’s case, about 5’4”.

In other news, as you may have suspected, we are diligently completing our third full-length release, WHIRLIGIG! We have a few tracks left to record, and then we will be concentrating on mixing. Meanwhile, we did complete the final mix for “Seven League Boots” in an effort to have it ready for the video for that song, which is currently in the editing stage. As we may have mentioned, we also completed a mix of a special holiday song, composed and recorded at the request of the lovely Deborah Alexander of the DA Music Management Music Library, and to be featured on a holiday compilation shepherded by San Diego’s premiere music honcho, Bart Mendoza.

We have also been completing tracks for Deborah Gee’s long awaited sophomore solo album, GEEOLOGY. We expect an early 2018 release.

With all of that activity, you might be surprised to learn that there are even more projects in the works. Glen has been composing songs for the fourth Cherry Bluestorms release (title withheld by request), and plans are also in the works for an album of rarities, b-sides, and new material for yet a fifth album. Further down on the list are plans for Glen’s first solo release. More information will be forthcoming about these projects as time goes on.

We know that some of you have been asking when the next live performances will take place and who the new band members might be. Well, we are holding off on live gigs until WHIRLIGIG! is completed and we have performed our live CD release event. The CD release event will feature an enhanced lineup and some other surprises, including a free giveaway. There will be an announcement in the very near future. Following that, you may expect to see us treading the boards more frequently again. As for band members, we have been working with some friends who have been in our musical circle for some time. We are very excited to debut the new lineup for you.

Lastly, on a more somber note, we feel we would be remiss in not acknowledging the horrific recent event in Las Vegas, and the tremendous suffering that has resulted. We know that with this tragedy, perhaps even more than most, many many lives have been touched by the deaths, and injuries to the victims. Of course, in addition to that, many music fans have been saddened by the sudden loss of Tom Petty. Our deepest condolences go out to any and all of you who have been touched by these tragic events.

With best wishes for happier days ahead,
The Cherry Bluestorms

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