The Cherry Bluestorms NewsStorm ~ A Late Valentine… We Love You

Violent Heart was born out of love for another. How appropriate to finish off the month of love with this song from Transit Of Venus!
Have you ever entered into a love affair with an inner awareness tugging at your gut telling you not to pursue it? But the lustful, loving, playful side just wants to experience and it wins because it knows no bounds at that moment. And/or, there is hope at the end of the thoughts you’re having just lingering there. You haven’t realized yet that loneliness can sneak up behind you and trick you into believing you are being brave instead. That thought wins over your rational side that says, “no”, and you go for it.
I think exploring love takes courage. Sometimes one gets it right and sometimes one doesn’t. No matter what direction it goes the experience is always an opportunity to learn what it can teach you.
In this situation the pursuer ultimately learns that it isn’t what she wants and that she will never receive what she needs from that person.
I am going to turn it over to Glen now so that he can talk about the production of Violent Heart.

Violent Heart is a very special song in the Bluestorms catalogue.  It is the first song that Deborah and I worked on, prior to deciding to form a band. Deborah had previously recorded a version with Chris Lord-Alge.  It was a very straightahead version with the musicians clearly accompanying Deborah. I thought the song could benefit from a more creative approach. The intro featured my Hammond C3, with a church organ kind of vibe. On the downbeat I played a loopy riff on one of those clear Dan Armstrong guitars through a distortion pedal.  That gave us a drone that plays through most of the song. I added a typical “Glen” percolating bass line and then added the flat picked hook at the end of the chorus. The solo was played on my Gretsch Nashville through what might be the greatest fuzz box ever, the Univox Super Fuzz. It was definitely layered, but Deborah’s distinctive vocal held its own against the backdrop I devised.
Give Violent Heart a listen when you have a minute here:

Enjoy! More news to come in March!

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