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Hello to all of you!!  I hope that 2023 has started off alright for you.  Of course, to be expected, we have had news of more great artists leaving the scene, but also reminders of what an amazing time period we were born in.

One of my heroes, gone many years now, was Syd Barrett.  Syd was the major musical influence on the next track I will discuss.  “Her Mirror Cracked” is a song from our debut album, Transit of Venus.  It starts off with a psychedelic swirling guitar just before the lyric kicks off with what is certainly one of my favorite lyrics of my own: A flawed goddess from a black heart heaven, weary of the crown she wore, bent down to tear the lipstain kiss from the mouth at Sorrow’s door…

The song is about my first wife, who was an alcoholic.  Having quit cold turkey, she continued to have what I think were typical “dry drunk” issues.  Very tragic, as she was a truly incredible woman.  After we parted, she had two children and likely got a better grip on her demons.  Deborah does a wonderful turn on lead vocals and I do alright as a vocal harmony trio on the bridge, which also serves at the end of the song.  I always quite liked the arpeggiated guitar part in the bridge.  This is another track that features my Rickenbacker guitar.  I suppose it is one of our more rocking tunes.

Deborah’s comments:
My first experience hearing this song was when we were on tour and in New Hampshire for a festival. We were sitting in our hotel room and Glen started playing the riff for this song.  I said I don’t know what that is, but I want to sing on it! It had such a melancholy melodic tone that drew me in. Then you told me that it was a song you wrote a while back about the alcohol abuse of your wife from your first marriage.

As for more current news, it is obvious that neither Deborah’s Geeology nor my Half-Life have been released yet.  Nevertheless, progress is being made on both the issues that caused the delays (medical and technical) and getting the tracking done.  I have been a boy crying “Wolf!” for ‘way too long, but I assure you measures are being taken!  February arrived before we could get this out in January!   We will hit you with February’s newsletter a little later this month. We shall see what it brings! Enjoy the month of L O V E and enjoy the ponderings on “Her Mirror Cracked”!

I will point out that this is a two way street, so please feel free to send or post comments and/or questions and we will do our best to respond.  Let me clarify that if you hit “reply” to the newsletter it will not make its way back to us.  You must either contact us direct through our website for comments and/or questions or respond on social media if you are on social media.

Glen and Deborah
The Cherry Bluestorms

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