Seven League Boots

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The Cherry Bluestorms were formed when ex-Dickies guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Glen Laughlin joined forces with A&M recording artist Deborah Gee. Their debut offering, Transit of Venus garnered critical praise and yielded their classic version of The Beatles’ “Baby, You’re a Rich Man”. Their sophomore effort, Bad Penny Opera, was an ambitious concept album that crystalized the cultural revolution in 1960’s England. It not only earned international critical acclaim, but inspired a 90 minute radio special in England. “As Above So Below”, one of the band’s signature songs, hails from that album. Most recently the band released Whirligig!, rated #4 Best Indie Release of 2018 by the L.A. Weekly. It features “Seven League Boots” and “Roy Wood”, a paean to The Move’s prime mover.

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