Hello, Bluestorms Fans!

Yes, it has been too long since I last put fingers to keyboard.  I will endeavour to make up for that presently.

Here is some recent Cherry Bluestorms news in no particular order:

In the event that someone here missed it, The Cherry Bluestorms’ second album, Bad Penny Opera was recently released.  The reception has been exceptional.  The album has already been highly praised by Liverpool Sound & Vision. http://www.liverpoolsoundandvision.co.uk/2013/04/23/the-cherry-bluestorms-bad-penny-opera-album-review/  We have reason to believe that similarly favourable reviews are forthcoming from Goldmine, Daggerzine, Shindig! and Powerpopaholic.  Meanwhile, the album has been getting airplay around the country as well as on international sites such as England’s “Is This Thing On?” podcast.  Sunday Driving South from BPO is currently #19 with a bullet on the ShockPop chart!  Perhaps best of all, the band was just informed that Pandora has accepted BPO for airplay!

On the “live music” front, The Bluestorms have been playing local L.A. dates since playing in Tempe Arizona in March.  The L.A. leg of International Pop Overthrow is coming and The Bluestorms will once again appear, this time at Fais Do Do on Saturday July 27 at 4:45 for a rare all ages show.  As Above So Below from BPO will be featured on this year’s IPO sampler.  Look for an interview and possibly a review to follow at Pop Geek Heaven!

So, for those of you already hungry for new music from The Bluestorms, I can tell you that tracks are already being laid for a new non-LP single.  In fact, plans are afoot for some pretty snazzy cover artwork.  This will not surprise those of you who have seen the design work on BPO.  Kudos to Peter Carpenter, David Tenczar and Megan J. Carroll for a great job!

Last but not least, we can officially announce the World Premiere performance of Bad Penny Opera in its entirety!  The happy and FREE event will take place at Molly Malone’s on Fairfax in Los Angeles Sunday June 23 from 5:00 to 7:00.  We hope to see you there!!


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