Deborah here to say hi! I realize that it has been a minute (so-to-speak) since we’ve connected here. We continue to appreciate the loving communication and support you’ve all been kind enough to show us. Our life in music has been on pause for a bit. Life is delicate, fragile, exhilarating, beautiful and amazing depending on which way the wind blows along a given day on its path. I feel such a connection with all of you and for that I am very grateful. You have shined your lights on what otherwise could be a dark and dreary place from time to time. You have buoyed us up. Strength comes in numbers and that is what you all have shown and mean to me.

I feel like we are rounding a turn and I am not sure where it’s going but I want you to know that I have been trying to help Glen’s solo project come to fruition sooner rather than later. He has done most of the heavy lifting and I am here to help cross the “ts” and dot the “Is” so-to-speak. He last worked on it early 2022. It became too hard after that. It is an eclectic collection of songs he wrote/recorded prior to becoming ill with an incredible line-up of talented musicians working alongside him with the exception of one song, “Fallen Angels”. It was the last one that needed completion and Marc Mann lent his talents to help Glen complete it.  Marc works composing/arranging for Danny Elfman and Jeff Lynne. He also played guitar at the “Concert For George”  on the one year anniversary of Harrison’s passing.

Some of you have pre-ordered “Half-Life” and we are forever appreciative. I can hardly wait for you to hear the finished product! As we step into spring and its new growth, keep a happy, hopeful spring in your step and know that you’ve put it in ours by loving us so freely!

Deborah and Glen


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