Hello, Bluestormers!

You may have noticed that we were AWOL for a stretch.  Apologies all round.  Sometimes life happens.  The featured song from Transit of Venus this go round is While You Were Away.

The day after I met Deborah Gee I was in my studio and started to peruse the liner notes to her album, “Portal”. I was amazed to find Thomas Gallagher’s name there, particularly as I was calling him at that very moment. Thomas was my assistant in the studio at the time. He answered my call and I asked whether he knew Deborah Gee. Of course, he answered in the affirmative and then asked how I knew her! Thomas was a musical and former romantic partner of Deborah’s.  In the early days of The Bluestorms, I thought we should have another guitarist. Thereafter, the three of us got together at my studio with the intention of writing a song. Thomas had a great riff. Deborah was working on the melody.  I was working on the song in general.  I modified the riff and then wrote a chorus and bridge. I came up with a unique tuning for the song and some lyrics. The lyrics came easily, as they were about a situation that many of us experience in relationships.  Ultimately, we realized that the band was better with only one guitarist, but we were happy to have ended up with the song!


The opening lines are: “Talking to anyone at all/like talking to the wall/my tallest friend/Clocks chime/forever marking time/like a song without a rhyme/there’s no good end.”  When the chorus hits, it opens with, “And I wonder where you’ve been/were you in your wildest dream?/Are you going back in or will you stay?/You’ve been ever on my mind/I was never so blind/then the colors came/to replace the gray/while you were away”.  I think it is one of our songs that has been overlooked and I like that it has a “Pretenders” quality to it, especially vocally.


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