I suppose it is amply appropriate that we are writing this NewsStorm as a very rare hurricane/tornado is approaching.  Once again, life intervened and we missed a couple of installments.  It’s just as well, as we have that much more news to share this time around.

  1. Of course we just celebrated our belle chanteuse’s birthday.  The eternally young Deborah Gee had a splendid time.
  2. Glen delegated some of the last tasks on the last track on his solo album Half-Life.  It would be an understatement to say that he is most pleased with the results.  So those of you who had given up hope will soon be proven wrong, as the album is finally nearing a release date.
  3. Unfortunately, Glen is still not ready to perform, but we are looking into having a release party.
  4. This edition of the NewsStorm features the Transit of Venus track “Awaken”, below: 

Awaken is a fairytale set to music.  The lyrics were born out of Deborah’s realization that the man she was seeing at the time was not right for her.  Nevertheless, she did not want to hurt him.  Dealing with these situations is how we learn and grow.  My approach to the arrangement of Deborah’s lovely song was inspired by The Church.  I used my Gretsch Nashville guitar through my Ampeg Jet for all of the parts, a departure from my usual AC-30 amplifier.

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