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“tue 1/8
The Cherry Bluestorms
When they do perform around town, The Cherry Bluestorms play the dive-iest of dives, but they have already amassed an impressive, well-crafted body of work that transcends their mundane surroundings. Whirligig! might be just the L.A. band’s third full-length album over the past decade, but it’s loaded with power-pop gems that are highlighted by Deborah Gee’s serenely beguiling vocals and former Dickies guitarist Glen Laughlin’s artful licks. The duo have enough confidence to pull off a sparkling, supercharged remake of The Beatles’ “She Said She Said” and invoke the spirit of The Move with their original homage “Roy Wood” (“He has a beard of stars, and his head is all at sea,” they croon dreamily). Other tracks, such as “Heel to Toe,” take ’60s influences into harder, more modern territory as Gee warns, “You’re ready-made for the chemical arcade.” —Falling James”

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