START AGAIN – Interview with Winston

W:       We are nearing the end of our Bad Penny Opera song-by-song interview with Glen Laughlin of The Cherry Bluestorms. We just heard about To Love You Is A Crime. What can you tell us about the next track, Start Again?

GL:       In To Love You Is A Crime Penny realize she must learn to accept herself in order to have a fulfilling life.   Start Again obviously refers again to the cyclical aspect of the story. Does she start again onto a new adventure or does she start again to connect with her ex- now that she has some wisdom and experience? I suppose most of us have gone back to go forward and vice-versa, so I’m not sure it matters. But we get a better idea about it in the next and final song.

W:       Musically it again captures a 1960s vibe.

GL:       Interestingly, I definitely went for a Hey Jude kind of feel, but it was A True Heart Wears A Thorny Crown that actually replaced Hey Jude in a TV show. There was a great moment where I was stuck on the orchestration at the end of the song and was going to give up. Deborah was really digging it and encouraged me to keep working on it. Suddenly I came up with that I Am The Walrus sort of endless scale at the end.

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