Hello, Bluestorms fans! We’re continuing our song-by-song review of Bad Penny Opera with Glen Laughlin. We left off with the album opener, Bad Penny Overture. Next up is By Your Leave.

W: By Your Leave is a bit of a departure for the band, in that it is primarily acoustic. What can you tell your listeners about that track?
GL: I suppose it is a mild departure. It’s one of the earlier compositions to be included. I bought my Hammond C3 organ from Glen Clark. Glen is a first class musician and a first class gentleman. He played, wrote and produced for Bonnie Raitt. He asked me if I’d like to co-write something for Bonnie. Naturally, I was surprised and pleased. We arranged to meet at my studio after a session Glen was doing nearby. Glen called and said he wouldn’t be coming by, as the session had been canceled. I had put the time aside, so I sat down to try to write something and By Your Leave is what came out. I’m a huge fan of The Who’s “Tommy” and since this is a rock opera, I took a cue from them in that the overture gives ‘way to an acoustic introduction to our story.

W: Speaking of Hammond, I love the organ on that track.
GL: Yes, Arlan Schierbaum did a fine job as usual. Originally there was a very hard grooving bridge in the middle of the song, quite unexpected. We decided that the song was more effective shorter and staying more with the folky vibe, so we edited that out.

W: Will we be hearing more of the folky side of The Bluestorms anytime soon?
GL: Well, I’m not sure how folky it will be, but there will definitely be more acoustic guitar on the next album.

W: I’m sure we’re all looking forward to that! Thanks again. Until the next installment…
GL: Sure thing.

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