WORLD GOING MAD – Interview with Winston

W:       In our Bad Penny Opera song-by-song interview we are up to Track No. 8, World Going Mad. Glen, what can you tell us about this track?

GL:       From the lyrics, apparently not much! This is definitely one of the shortest lyrics I have written and certainly not one of the best. The music has its good points, though. Many, including myself have noticed the Police-like main guitar figure. I have nothing against The Police, in fact I quite like some of their tunes, but I have never actually bought a record or gone to a concert. I think the arrangement is interesting and different from our other songs. My favourite part of the song is the bridge. Some may pick up on a brief quote from McCartney’s Listen To What The Man Said. I don’t know that there is much else to say, other than that I was quite happy with my vibraphone part.

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