Hello friends, fans, and family! Thanks for your continued interest in our musical affairs.
I am excited to announce the release of the extraordinary and perhaps definitive book on Jimi Hendrix. Harvey and Kenneth Kubernik’s Voodoo Child was officially released on 11-23-21.
You may wonder why I am talking about that here on our blog. It is because the book includes a brief piece about Hendrix’s gear authored by Yours Truly amongst contributions by many other notable artists. I am very proud to be associated with this spectacular work by the Kubernik brothers. It is already on its way to becoming a bona fide classic. I strongly encourage anyone with any interest in Hendrix to avail themselves. The visually sumptuous book is very reasonably priced! It is available on Amazon, in Target stores and other venues. There will be a special event featuring Ken Kubernik at Mr. Musichead on Sunset Bl in West Hollywood in January. We will post a separate notice with the details. Stop by and get your autographed copy!
Glen Laughlin

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