Aug. 3, 2008

Having played IPO in Toronto and Liverpool, we showed up to play IPO LA at Molly Malone’s on Friday night. We were informed onstage by David Bash (Mr. IPO) that we enjoy the distinction of being the only band to play IPO in two other countries before playing it in our own town! We were very proud to share the stage with The Procession and (Eric Dover’s) Sextus, who each turned in phenomenal sets, before and after TCB, respectively. We weren’t too shabby ourselves! We played to a packed house, including our friends Gail Warning, formerly of LA New Wave band Little Itch, who was in town from Miami, and Greg Bell, who plays guitar with Trulio Disgracious, Blowfly, and Fishbone. Also in attendance was Gina, the lovely promoter of Make Music Pasadena, who assures us another Pasadena festival featuring TCB is in the works! By all accounts, it was another high point for the band. In fact, we received such a strong reaction from the crowd that David Bash came up onstage and asked us to play another song! We naturally obliged and played our version of “Baby, You’re a Rich Man”. Altogether a memorable night! Thanks, David and Rina!

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