Friends and Followers of everything Bluestorms:

No doubt you have heard that the band played with the formidable, fun and very friendly Pugwash in San Diego and Los Angeles.  I dare say a fine time was had by all.  You may also have heard that The Cherry Bluestorms’ new single is at the pressing plant, though admittedly somewhat delayed as compared with our projection.  As a gesture, not to say a sop, we decided to give free download cards for “See No Evil” to attendees of the aforementioned shows.  You can imagine our dismay when we learned that there was a problem with the cards!  We immediately communicated to CD Baby regarding the problem, but Labor Day Weekend intervened and we were foiled again!  We are hopeful that the problem can be quickly rectified on Tuesday.  In the meantime, we apologize to all for the inconvenience and to ourselves for the embarrassment!  Rest assured, the picturesleeved 7″ vinyl single is on its way and it will include a download card for both sides of the single.

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