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John Borack

The Cherry Bluestorms – Whirligig! (Roundhouse)
Bookended with Beatles references—they kick things off with a rousing take of “She Said She Said” and close with a tune titled “Be Here Now” (not the G. Harrison number)—Cherry Bluestorms’ Whirligig! is a winning, updated spin on ‘60s psych-pop. Featuring the sultry lead vocals of Deborah Gee and the Many Guitars of Glen Laughlin—he plays ‘em all here, including bass—the dozen tracks are all thoughtfully arranged and coolly evocative of that bygone era without ever sounding stuck in a retro trip. Laughlin sings lead on some of the tunes as well, sounding particularly fine on the appropriately languid “Sleep.” Other key tracks: the slammin’ “Roy Wood,” the lyrically prickly “Heel to Toe” (dig the keyboard solos) and the sweetly orchestrated “Seven League Boots,” the best thing here. Grade: B+

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