San Diego Troubadour
Bart Mendoza

Twelve songs, including 11 originals and a cover of the Beatles “She Said She Said” to kick off the album. Not a bad place to start actually as their version of the song encapsulates all that makes this band so much fun; trippy psychedelic rock influenced song arrangements, inspired guitar from Glen Laughlin and Deborah Gee’s compelling vocals. The first original song up is a rocker, “Roy Wood” which is plenty catchy, reminds me a bit of a song Rick Nielsen might write. Meanwhile the first single from the album is “Seven League Boots” an excellent shuffling rocker, complete with uplifting orchestral arrangement and a nifty video. Indeed that’s one of the albums strengths, the strings playing counter melodies that perfectly frame the songs on Whirligig! All the originals are penned by Laughlin, with two co-writes – including one with Gee on exotic rocker “Heel to Toe,” which somehow manages to include both power chords and one of Laughlin’s signature sinewy guitar riffs to good effect. This will appeal to fans of Britpop / psychedelia / power pop / garage rock.

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