Cherry Bluestorms were up next and they did not disappoint. They played a brilliant psychedelic mix of new songs as well as songs from their two previous albums. They have a third album in the works that Glen Laughlin told me is all singles, which excites the hell out of me. It’s brave for a band to open a set with The Beatles “She Said, She Said” but this is the same band that opened their debut album with “Baby You’re A Rich Man” and for the record they pulled it off exquisitely. The songs from their concept album Bad Penny Opera were as brilliant live as they are on record, plus live songs like “As Above So Below,” “Bad” and “Start Again” had Deborah Gee dancing in her stylish 60s best. Three of the best songs, which makes me ache for their new album, were on neither released album. “Roy Wood” is a dedication song to a once powerful wizard of pop and rock, “Heel To Toe” was awesome and my favorite of the bunch was “Purple Heart Magic” which oozed supremely of psychedelic grandiosity. The crowd begged for more, but the band was humble and didn’t want to rob the bands to follow of their time on stage.
By: Mitchell Hillman

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