The Bluestorms have been under House Arrest as have we all, thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We sincerely hope that you and yours are staying healthy, happy, sane and productive. We are grateful that you are able to take time to keep up with all things Bluestorms. Conversely, we are glad to have some content to keep you amused and informed.

So, without further ado, as promised, here is our news…

We were extremely pleased to receive the review of Whirligig! by Aldora Britain Records. As great as it is to receive any favorable review, nothing can replace that feeling when a listener or reviewer seems to truly “get” an artist’s intention. It is supremely gratifying and validating. So, thank you, thank you, Aldora Britain. We have attached the review of which we are justly proud, to the end of this Edition for those of you who had missed it. You can access Aldora Britain’s e-zine HERE.

Going forward, Roundhouse Recording has been busy working on several projects. Glen has been mixing tracks for Beach Boys bassist Randell Kirsch and his partner Lu Ann Olsen. Work continues on Deborah Gee’s sophomore solo album, Geeology. It keeps moving toward completion.

Likewise, Glen’s debut solo album Half-Life is nearly completed. Some of the few remaining tracks have been delayed due to the current “enviralment” (to coin a word), but those hurdles are being addressed as I write.

Glen has also played and sung on what will be the final Dickies album. He expects to contribute more tracks in the near future. He has also been asked to orchestrate “Little Jewel”, a track projected for the forthcoming Plasticsoul album.

An early studio project that Glen engineered and co-produced, The Shinbone Dukes, has resurfaced for a very overdue release. Says Glen: “In perusing the archives I came across the tracks and was blown away at how good the blues rock tunes sounded. My close friend Steven Annan played guitar and sang with The Dukes before his untimely death. It will be some consolation to finally get these stellar tracks a proper release.”

We have certainly considered live streaming, but not imminently. We will of course keep you good people posted. Meanwhile, if any of you have need or know of anyone who has need of a good recording and/or mixing and or orchestrating studio, Roundhouse are extremely well-equipped, experienced and affordable. Please call us to discuss your project!

So, until next month, keep cool and safe. We love you all and very much look forward to the day when we can play to a live audience again.

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