July 2017 News

July 1 marks the one year anniversary of the release of our vinyl single, SEE NO EVIL B/W DEAR PRUDENCE! We are grateful for all of you who have purchased it, reviewed it, played it, or promoted it in any way. Over the last year it has found a home at nine different brick and mortar locations in three countries and has sold out twice at Freakbeat Records and three times at Amoeba Hollywood! Our single has gotten a number of positive reviews, and has gotten airplay all over the world. If you don’t have your copy yet, it is available in-store at Amoeba Music (Hollywood), Freakbeat Records (Sherman Oaks, CA), Vacation Vinyl (Silverlake, CA), Tower District Records (Fresno, CA), Record City (Las Vegas), Rotate This (Toronto), Kops Records (all Toronto locations), Dig Vinyl (Liverpool), and Probe Records (Liverpool), and online at our website, CD Baby, and Bandcamp.

Now through July 14, physical copies of BAD PENNY OPERA and Deborah’s solo album, PORTAL, are available for discounted prices at CD Baby. We have a VERY limited number of copies of PORTAL left, and no plans to re-print it. Don’t miss out on these low prices and your last chance to own Deborah’s debut!

Thank you to Bart Mendoza at the San Diego Troubadour for the glowing review of SEE NO EVIL B/W DEAR PRUDENCE, and for giving us a positive mention in his review of the first BIG STIR compilation!

“’See No Evil’ is a driving song, with a strong melody and a chorus tagline that’s a definite earworm, kicking off with a Zombies-inspired intro before heading in to psyche garage territory. You’ll be singing along on the chorus after one listen.”

“There are plenty of gems but making this an essential listen is the tracks from two of the Southern California music scenes leading lights; Fernando Perdomo with a lush, dreamy acoustic ballad “Feels” and The Cherry Bluestorms, with a melancholy, Hammond-backed tune ‘Start Again.’”

By the way, “Start Again” is featured on BAD PENNY OPERA. Read both reviews in their entirety here.

We just ran across these videos of “As Above So Below” and “Heel To Toe” live at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, posted by Anne-Marie Trace on YouTube. The sound is a little crunchy, but otherwise they are great! Thanks for sharing them, Anne-Marie!

Thank you to those who subscribe to our newsletter and for all of your continued support… We couldn’t do this without you! If you have any friends or family members who might appreciate what we do, as Winston would say: “the bird is the word!”

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