A new website, a new album and another new beginning for The Cherry Bluestorms.  As some of you know, The Cherry Bluestorms started out as a Deborah Gee album.  As the project started to become more of a collaborative effort, the parties involved started to think of it as band.  It was clear that the songs were taking on a band sound.  Transit of Venus, The Bluestorms’ debut album documented the first steps in that direction.  The new, soon to be released second album, Bad Penny Opera completes the metamorphosis into… well, The Cherry Bluestorms.

Although the band has taken a long time to complete and release this album, I’m confident that you’ll appreciate the care that went into it and perhaps agree it was worth the wait.  Nevertheless, the delay had nought to do with any scarcity of material.  Aside from the 13 tracks on BPO, I have it on good authority that The Bluestorms have more than three albums’ worth of material in various states of completion in addition to the long-postponed second Deborah Gee album that is also in the works.

We plan to update the site regularly; especially this blog. We hope you all enjoy the new website.  If you have any requests or ideas on how the website could be even more enjoyable for you, please let us know.

Deborah and Glen have made many friends since embarking on this musical journey and truly appreciate you all.  If you are new to The Bluestorms, we hope you’ll dig the tunes and will become a friend as well.

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